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Professional Services

Tree Removal

Complete. Effective. Safe Removal

When you have a tree that just needs to go, we offer thorough tree removal services. We'll remove the tree efficiently and with planning that puts the safety of your property first.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Whether for safety, health or appearance - we'll trim things up nicely.

Whether your tree needs a simple pruning for healthy growth or a major trimming because it presents a hazard, we can handle any job.

Storm Debris Cleanup

Efficient. Quick. Comprehensive Cleanup.

Has a storm knocked down all or part of your tree? We'll handle clean up and removal of whatever the storm felled, plus any necessary trimming to make sure your tree heals correctly.

Wild Land Fire Prevention/Fuel Mitigation

Plan ahead. Protect your home from wild fire.

We help plan defensible space and remove fuels to mitigate the risk of wild fire for your home.

Custom Sawmilling

Start your own custom project.

We own/operate our own milling equipment and can provide custom sawmilling for your next big project.

Stump Removal

Get rid of those unsightly stumps.

Whether we're removing a stump as part of tree removal, or if you just have a leftover that needs to go - we can help you out.

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