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Who We Are

Excellence and Versatility

Led by owner Levi Jones, Tomahawk Tree Service has more than 20 years of experience in tree trimming, wildland fire fuel mitigation, tree removal and custom saw milling. What truly sets Tomahawk apart from other tree services is our emphasis on safety and proper procedure. Some companies focus on volume, meaning they rush one project so they can move on to the next. This inevitably cuts back on proper rigging and safety, which increases the risk of accidental harm to your property.

When you hire Tomahawk Tree Service, you become our #1 priority until your project is done. No matter the size of the project, we take pride in our excellent work, competitive fees and ability to deliver outstanding results on time - every time.

Why "Tomahawk"?

The Tomahawk has long been a source of inspiration for Levi. While often thought of simply as a weapon, tomahawks are actually one of the most versatile tools for bushcraft. They can be used for numerous tasks from cutting wood to preparing food to constructing shelter. In fact we carry them on the job site because a well-honed tomahawk cuts even more efficiently than saws in some cases.

So when it came time to name a business that offers versatile services, shows pride in its work, and gives our customers safety, there was one clear choice: Tomahawk Tree Service.

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